The top 3 women were Sandra Ashton (30:10), Dawn McCracken (30:45), & Sue Holden (31:10). This is one of our club's communication tools. Winners of these events receive prizes and awards at the club's annual dinner dance in November/December. Fastest vet was LCC's John Hatton in 2:34; fastest under 18 Salt Ayre Cog Set's Bobby Horton in 2:38; & fastest woman Holly Carter of Manchester Wheelers in 3:23. Just two seconds further back, and edging under the magic 6 minute mark by a fraction of a second, was Bob Muir - temporarily parking his time-keeping duties for a rare appearance on the track - which was very good to see (after facilitating some 2000 rides over the course of this year, it's fitting that Bob should eventually get a go himself!). After a few years the first ‘Lancaster Cycling Club’ was formed in 1887. But let's hope - as it looks like it will - the series runs again next year, & we can get our revenge! Thanks also go to Brian, the stentorious Scot, for manning the results & prize presentation side of things and the timekeeper for both events, Gail Warren, as well as everybody out on the road (Sue, Darren, Peter, John, Dave & Ken all of whom share equal credit for making the event such a success. Keeping you on the track. And if you're quick, although on-line entry has closed, it's not yet too late to enter - but you must get in touch with Bob (see his contact details on the 'Contacts' page of this site) & get your entry to him by Saturday 19th September at the very latest. //