If in doubt please contact a qualified mechanic. 3 doors. Uses M10 fixings so no drilling or shaving required. Apply grease to the exposed metal and bolt up the linkage making sure that the mounting bracket/bush sits half way along the slider (IMG 3124). Includes: front bumper J-Style, rear bumper J-Style, side skirts J-Style. Early boxes (Pre 1986) used a V prefix tag code to signify that the gearbox was a high performance version. AU $268.15 +AU $59.73 postage. _____ Top #107686 - 14/10/07 11:22 PM Re: HID CONVERSION … IMG 3114 shows the complete installation minus the dust gaitor and centre console. Bit more comfortable behind 15s. * Clock Face: This Dial kit comes complete with the small oval time clock face, in the same … XR2i 16v and RS1800), and strangely the 700Kg payload Fiesta Couriers. 17K. Fitting this box in the Fiesta, Ka, Puma and BC-equipped Escorts requires some welding on the chassis to fit a new mount, or the fabrication of conversion brackets. The box weight without oil is approx. When carrying out an engine conversion, it's quite common to want to pick a gearbox that has the most suitable ratios for either quick acceleration or a more comfortable engine rpm for long distance driving. Further revisions took place right through to the Ib5 in the Mk6 ST150. 2014 Ford Fiesta 1.6 St 3D 180 BHP . Please try again! WOLFIGO 5-star Parts Store. Points 387 Location Essex, England Car Mini Cooper S R56 4 July 2013 #2 Welcome to the site mate! I don't whole heartedly recommend a Puma gear linkage on the BC gearbox. The Puma linkage has a left-handed stabiliser bar where the Mk3 has right hand (IMG 3022) but I have found that this does not have any implications for fitment into a Mk3. Reduced price 30+ days ago. Ford fiesta puma engine conversion. menu Post an ad ; Search … AU $237.36 +AU $92.49 postage. Uses M10 fixings so no drilling or shaving required. Synchromesh are additional cogs on the end of a drive gear which help match input (engine) speed with the output (wheel) speed. WOLFIGO Fit Ford Fiesta MK6 Fusion KA Puma Street KA Tourneo Connect Transit Power Window switch 96FG14529AC New US $6 / piece | 4 Orders . By using this site you agree to the use of cookies. Year 2000 1.7 Puma conversion 4-2-1 manifold 130,000 had arches done and resprayed no rust!!!! Motor . Unfortunately for CVH owners, the block's sump breather fouls the starter and prevents a rear-mounted starter being fitted unless you relocate this breather. Go back inside the car and notice that the gear lever mounting holes (4 of) are elongated holes approximately 15mm long, and between the rear pair there are two hexagonal cut outs (applicable to Automatic) . Try again. ***For use with IB5 5 speed gearbox*** Billet steel engine mount to allow fitment of the Ecoboost 1.6 engine into a 96-02 Fiesta or Puma This sits between the standard Ford engine bush and the block, compatible with both Ford and uprated vibratechnic engine mounts If you have any questions please get in touch There … Next, extend the original linkage cover plate forwards by the same amount that was removed from the exhaust tunnel, so we can cover the larger aperture and use the original front mounting holes to fasten the plate. ". The rear-mounted starter is handy on Zeta/Zetec-E/Zetec-R engines as it keeps the starter away from the exhaust heat and allows more room to work on any turbocharger fitted. Next, under the car, slacken the 13mm pinch nut on the linkage rod, and the 19mm bolt securing the stabiliser rod. I have successfully retrofitted the Puma linkage to two Mk3 Fiesta's and this article will … As part of the conversion, I'm staying with rear disk brakes, and I'm now running a 'thinned and cross drilled' rear Focus disk, and a pair of underslung HiSpec single pot rear calipers. Glad … Select a … The table below contains the ratios for some popular gearbox choices when converting your retro Ford Fiesta. Anembo Engineering is a business from a precision engineering background specialising in cosworth parts,motorsport & performance CNC machining.We offer full CAD/CAM facilities.cosworth rs,sierra cosworth rs, escort cosworth rs,cosworth wrc,cosworth group A,focus rs mk2,focus st mk2,best performing focus rs plenum,cnc machined billet plenum,anembo plenum,cosworth billet alternator … If you have a Catalytic Convertor Equipped vehicle you will need to remove the front Exhaust heat shields. £0.00. Blarno. Ford fiesta zetec s puma conversion. Fiesta MK7 08-16. All items from stock for all Puma, Fiesta mk4/5/6 and Focus mk2. 17K. The table below contains the ratios for some popular gearbox choices when converting your retro Ford Fiesta. You can your existing clutch with the iB5 clutch release bearing. A 6-speed variant was fitted to the Focus ST170. We also offer resultant 182bhp and 190bhp power kits that are now Proven Best Sellers and are perfect for every day use. Your support is always appreciated. Most parts listed with Ford part numbers for correct identification, if in doubt please call 07866 423809 Seems Ford … The linkage can be bought second-hand and taken from any Puma, or Mk5 ZS Fiesta. item 3 Vibra Technics Road Torque Link Engine Mount For Ford Fiesta Mk6 ST150 2.0 16v - Vibra Technics Road Torque Link Engine Mount For Ford Fiesta Mk6 ST150 2.0 16v. FORD FIESTA GARRETT T2 TURBO CONVERSION Suitable for the Ford Fiesta mk4/mk5 or Ford Puma 1.25 - 1.4 - 1.6 - 1.7 ZETEC SE Engine Puma Engine is INCLUDED This kit will fit the following: Ford Fiesta 98-02 1.25 1.4 1.6 & 1.7 Ford Puma 1.4 1.6 1.7 Included in this sale is: Garrett T2 Turbo (Oil/water cooling) Custom Focus Manifold w/ turbo flange As with all our guides, the information cannot be guaranteed to be 100% correct and is provided as a guide only. Cheers . The same linkage also went on to be fitted to the Mk5 Zetec-S Fiesta. Mustang MK6 15-Probe; Puma MK1 97-01; Puma MK2 19-S-Max 06-15; S-Max 15-Scorpio; Sierra; Transit; Honda; Hyundai; Kia; Lexus; Mazda; Mercedes; Mini; Mitsubishi; Nissan; Opel; Peugeot; Porsche; Renault; Saab; Seat; Skoda; Smart; Subaru; Suzuki; Tesla; Toyota; Volvo; VW; Andre Mærker; Forside; Ford. The Synchros in the BC family gearbox were improved with the first Ib5, and this is noticeable in shift quality. Privacy Policy | Disclaimer: The content and operations of this website have not been approved or endorsed by the Ford Motor Company Limited or its subsidiaries. Something went wrong! The Mk6 Fiesta grew in size & became a Mk3 Mondeo it now it's shrinking to a Mk3.5 Focus ST3 . Apart from the breather difficulties on rear-mounted starters, the iB5 box is a direct replacement for the BC box. as above i own a fiesta mk5 2001 zetec s and have just brought a puma engine and gearbox with all ancillaries apart from cat i have a couple of ford mags explaining the conversion and what bits it does need for it but i would like some advice from someone on here that has done or knows how to doit from what other bits i need and from what bits i need to change.i know this isnt the zsoc … how much will the full swap cost? MK6 FIESTA ST150 In production is the ST180 MK6 conversion that will be available on the market very soon! Gear ratios are a bit of a problem, especially on later Ford boxes where shopping trolley-power engines became the norm and buzzy boxes were fitted to help these cars get up to speed. Ford - Fiesta (Mk6, 5-door Facelift 2005) generation - 1.4 Duratec (80 Hp) (Petrol (gasoline)) 2005/2008 auto technical specifications, dimensions, fuel economy (fuel consumption) \ Fiesta model Ford Fiesta MK6 or MK7 Brake upgrade using 300mm vented brake discs and a choice of pads for the ST170 caliper by NB Styling Skip to content Enquires 01747 445 097 - info@nbstyling.co.uk However, two models did get uprated bearings: the 1800 Zetecs (e.g. £7,995 . Ford | Fiesta | CX (Mk3) | All Derivatives | Hatchback. Ryde, Isle of Wight. Note that some slight heat shield tweaking is required to clear the rods. Dedicated for Ford Fiesta MK6 pre-facelift 3-door hatchback models, made between 2002-2005. The box is a 6 speed transverse transaxle design in 3 shaft architecture. Pipe cross air filter exhaust straight through 11 months MOT (Dec... 4. gumtree.com . Mk6 Fiesta ST 150 278mm set up fits too. It baffles me that Ford never fitted any of the twin-cam Zetec engines in the Ka (Because they supposedly wouldn't fit), yet someone can shoe-horn a Puma lump in no problems. Unfortunately, this was too late for the Fiesta Turbo which kept the older, smaller style bearings. If you wish to fit the Linkage to the BC 'box then follow my guide at the bottom of this article. This box was fitted to all Fiestas, Kas, Pumas, and some Escorts (not RS2000, Cosworth or 130PS Zetecs) and Focus models. 2014. Attention, the facelift front grill is needed for mounting! Blarno. Always quality checked and tested parts. Reply. £1,300.00 Rhys Posting for 2+ years. Hmmm, for the 4.5k price of the conversion... that's an awful lot of run-till-scrap MX-5's, Mantas and fun ebay malarkey. The IB5 gearbox was introduced in 1995 as a replacement to the BC, it comes in both front and rear starter variations, has a 20mm x 17 spline input shaft and holds 2.8 litres of transmission oil. Our races have attracted TV coverage on Race & Rally UK on Motors TV, Five, And Men & Motors; as well as having had our races covered in Ford magazines and Motorsport News. The BC gearbox also does not have internal Neutral Return Springs – it is located within the gear linkage. If you can add to the info displayed please email the webmaster at info@projectbobcat.com. zetec-s grey clock surround will fit mk4 mk5 fiesta/ ford puma in great condition no scratches or scuffscollection is preferred wn7 #0. This lets the gearbox fluid flow more quickly out of the sandwich situation we've mentioned above. It was used in some Focus, Mondeos, Escort RS2000 and RS2000 4x4 models, and was hailed as Ford's new, heavy duty FWD transaxle. CWN1215L Closed wheel nut M12x1.5 60deg loose seat: Ford Escort Mk2/Mk5/Mk6, Capri Mk2/Mk3, Sierra, Granada Mk2/Mk3, Cortina Mk3/Mk4/Mk5, Fiesta Mk3/Mk4/Mk5/Mk6/Mk7, Installation length is 332/322 mm with 106,2/98,25 mm bell housing depth. Synchros determine shift quality and are also one of the factors in determining how quickly the gears engage. "The standard synchro mechanism that comes fitted to most vehicles can be improved by modifying the existing synchro ring or fitting an aftermarket one that has larger radial grooves. The linkage is bolted through the bottom of the exhaust tunnel, and secured by 4 M8 nuts on top of a reinforcement plate, remove these 4 nuts along with the reinforcement plate and rubber gaitor. For sale is a fiesta puma conversion in great condition as you can see in the photos. Pick up from Ashford . The Rs1600i box had a unique bellhousing due to its ignition sensor. Although only ever fitted with a Quaife LSD in the Focus RS, the standard diff is partially locked and makes for good power delivery. The Puma linkage has freedom of fore/aft movement within a rubber isolator. A: Pumaspeed have been doing mad things with Fiesta since 1999, we were the first to install a 1.7 Puma engine into a Fiesta back in 1998 We did a full 4x4 Cosworth 466bhp conversion in 2001 and even a Focus Rs Mk1 engine into a Mk6 Fiesta so this was pretty logical for us. The UK's premier Ford Puma dismantler now also dealing in Fiesta and Focus parts. 205/50 R16) and will calculate your road speed - handy if you want to work out if your speedo is reading wrong. The Getrag MT285 6-speed transmission is a close-ratio manual gearbox fitted to the Mk1 Focus ST170. The Mk4/DX was launched with a linkage travel reduction of around 20% comapred to the Mk3, and when the Puma came along this was cut to approx 50% which makes a big difference to the driving experience. ! Noteable features include all gears synchronized, reverse idler gear is speedgear 1st gear, a two piece housing and top mounted cable shift system. Offer: Send the offer. Removing this metal will have the effect of extending the gear lever aperture backwards by approximately 10mm thus providing clearance for the Puma linkage. Note the extended plate and O/S mounting bolt head near the carpet. Success! Although these uprated bearings are pretty much the same as those used in the iB5 box, note that the box was still a BC and not really an iB5. The Mk4/DX was launched with a linkage travel reduction of around 20% comapred to the Mk3, and when the Puma came along this was cut to approx 50% which makes a big difference to the driving experience. This run was in low boost at around 270bhp and 180 ft/lbs. Bit Pricey £8,995. Find amazing local prices on Fiesta puma for sale Shop hassle-free with Gumtree, your local buying & selling community. The plate is necessary for 2 reasons: 1) It provides an anchorage point for the rubber dust gaitor and 2) it fits snugly over the gear linkage foam to provide a barrier to the elements. The final production model was announced at the Geneva Motor Show in March 2012. See all ads. Our range of sports exhausts for the Ford Fiesta range is continually growing thanks the to Cobra Sport development team. Our stainless steel systems for the Fiesta include cat back and full turbo back aftermarket exhaust systems for the 2018 Mk8 EcoBoost and ST models along with the popular MK7 Fiesta ST180 available with single or twin tailpipes along with resonated and non resonated exhaust … Remove the Centre console & rear mounting bracket if fitted to gain access to the top side of the Mk3 Gear Linkage (IMG 3018) . Find amazing local prices on Fiesta puma for sale Shop hassle-free with Gumtree, your local buying & selling community. After 1990, Ford recognised the need for an improvement in the bearings on some BC boxes. Fiesta Mk6.5 and a half. In 2011, Ford revealed the Fiesta ST concept based on the Fiesta MK6/MK7. 45.5 kg and oil capacity is 1.7 liters. 5pcs car Engine Timing Camshaft Lock Tool Pin for Ford Zetec Focus Puma Fiesta for Mazda for Volvo US $12.99 - 15.99 / lot. I fit new ones to ensure that the bushes and linkage are in perfect condition, price is around £125 from Ford which sounds expensive, but is cheap compared with after-market alternatives! Starting from one of the rear pair of mounting holes cut a line from the rear most edge across to the rear edge of the first hexagonal hole, then across to the rear edge of the next hexagonal hole, and across to the rear edge of the next mounting hole. Close. These boxes are completely interchangeable, with driveshafts, input shaft and bellhousing bolt patterns in the same place regardless of the internals fitted, which is why it's so easy to fit, for example, an Escort RS Turbo gearbox in the Fiesta. If you found this information useful then please consider making a donation to help cover costs. The iB5 contained stronger input and output shaft bearings compared to the BC box, but was never fitted with an LSD (limited slip diff) in any models. item 4 FOR150M Vibra Technics Transmission Mount Insert Road fit for d … Top #107685 - 14/10/07 11:03 PM Re: HID CONVERSION [Re: Anthony1664] Scotty Porsche 997 Turbo & ST150 Registered: 27/02/04 Posts: 18089 Loc: Nuneaton, Warwickshire It's really not worth it for blue looking lights. More Information; Part No: FZS142/STD: Fits Engine Type: Ford Zetec … It features a hydraulically operated 228mm clutch with dual-mass flywheel. Ford Puma, body kit, front bumper, rear bumper, side skirts, tuning, wing, hood, trunk, styling, side skirt, car styling, carbon, spoiler, bumper extension The linkage can now be dropped down from under the car. The iB5 does and because of this the Puma linkage is without a spring. Cheapskate Know-it-all. One other problem lies with the driveshafts - one of the driveshafts will require modification to fit the box. The Standard Mk5 linkage is a safer bet. Maximum input torque is 280Nm and max input speed is 7000rpm. Further down the page is a listing of some of FWD gear ratios and a link to a small Excel spreadsheet which allows you to put in your gear and final ratio, an engine speed, and your tyre size (e.g. davalav Pro Tuner. "Saving Ford's hot hatch from becoming a fridge"A resource site for owners of the Mk1 & 2 Fiesta. The MTX75 is a front wheel drive gearbox used in the Ford Mondeo, it weights 36kg and has a length of 39.3 centimetres. 5 pieces / lot Free Shipping | 4 Orders . Gumtree. Now bolt up the Puma linkage to the gearbox (note that if it is a brand new linkage they come with a locking pin which keeps them in 4th gear) and push it up inside the car. The recommended transmission oil is ATF+2% Friction modifier, and the box requires 2.61 litres of oil. Favourite Report Report. Thread starter WindyMillar1995; Start date 3 July 2013; W. WindyMillar1995 New member. But to make sure that they are the dials you need, please compare the dials in your vehicle with the photograph above and carefully check all the details below. Post Jan 31, 2008 #2 2008-01-31T20:36. IMG3120 shows the installation from underneath the car, minus heat shields. This is my Ford Fiesta with a turbo'd Puma engine up against a Nissan 350Z. The 1.6 litre Ford … Site by JamesRossDesign. AZGIANT Global Store (Ship from US) Heater … The FWD only Ford BC gearbox was fitted across the Fiesta Mk1 and Mk2 range, it features a 20mm x 17 spline input shaft and requires 2.8 litres of SAE80 grade oil for the 4 speed (BC4) variant, or 3.1 litres for the 5 speed (BC5). £0.00 . Fiesta ST150 Power Upgrade ST182 - SAVE 130 POUNDS £1219.00 (inc. VAT) Eibach Lowering Springs Mk.7 Fiesta (Petrol) -30mm £174.98 (inc. VAT) Pumaspeed ST150 Custom Tuned iMap for 180 or 190 or 205 kits £489.98 (inc. VAT) Ford Fiesta ST 150 EVO 2 Manifold by Milltek Sport £339.50 (inc. VAT) Fiesta ST150 EVO2 and Remap Power Package Deal Mounting the gear linkage requires 2 pairs of M8 x 30 nuts, bolts and washers. The same linkage also went on to be fitted to the Mk5 Zetec-S Fiesta. The Fiesta ST is powered by a 1.6 litre Ford EcoBoost engine to deliver performance while still providing good fuel efficiency. Shown in the 1990s Rs Accessory Catalogue for the Puma and Mondeo. Now racing our 8th car - a Ford Fiesta MK6 evolved from our previous Fiesta's and Puma. Page Last Updated: Tuesday 20th of October 2020. counter. sort by: sold 3 x genuine ford fiesta mk6 and fusion relays numbered f80b-14b192-aa. During the gear change process the Synchros will engage just before the drive gears, and due to their wide teeth spacing they can match more quickly with another synchro which is rotating at a different speed. (Will fit petrol and diesel engine models). Now cut forward from the rear mounting holes to join up to the gear lever aperture. Ford Fiesta Mk6 1.25/1.4/1.6 2002-2008; Ford Fiesta Mk7 1.25/1.4/1.6 (Duratec Ti-VCT) 2008-2017; Ford Focus Mk1 1.4/1.6 1998-2005; Ford Focus Mk2 1.4/1.6 2005-2011 ; Ford Focus Mk3 1.6 (Duratec Ti-VCT) 2011-2016; Ford Mondeo Mk4 1.6 (Duratec Ti-VCT) 2007-2014; Ford Puma 1.4/1.6/1.7 1997-2001; Additional Information. Points 16 Location Hull, United Kingdom Car Ford Fiesta 2001 3 July 2013 #1 is it worth it? Make offer Make an offer. Your offer has been sent. I welded 1mm steel plate to the front edge of the plate and drilled 2 holes that line up with the original mounting holes on the exhaust tunnel (IMG 3110). ford fiesta and puma. The Puma linkage has been redesigned to improve NVH and location during engine movement; I've had a few occasions during hard driving in a Mk3 where it has been hard to select or engage a gear and this is down to the semi-rigid mounting of the gear lever.