With resources scarce due to the ongoing war, no one he met would help him until Nagato, who had collapsed from hunger, was found by Konan and Yahiko, orphans like himself. Main article: Tale of Jiraiya the Gallant Itachi joins forces with Naruto and B against Nagato. I wouldn't suggest it leans toward Karin/Nagato being more or less related to one another than Naruto. Suspecting their shared vision, Jiraiya withdraws. Referred to as "Leader" by all Akatsuki members, except for Konan, he directed the actions of the rest of the members and maintained authority over them. Although Jiraiya does not recognise the body, Jiraiya assumes that Pain is Nagato because of his Rinnegan. As the rest of Akatsuki disperses, Pain instructs Deidara and Sasori to deal with the Konoha ninja that have arrived outside their lair. Kushina also had the same red hair. From absorbing some of the Eight-Tails' chakra, his hair became red again, as well as his frail body reverting to allow him to be more mobile. Although the Naraka Path is gone, the Deva Path's powers are restored. Naruto, way before he became Hokage, usually found ways to appeal to the light within people so it'd be perfect if his son could carry on that legacy in Boruto. Jiraiya expresses his disappointment that Nagato has turned away from his once-righteous path towards peace by leading a criminal organisation like Akatsuki. He served as the main antagonist in the Tale of Jiraiya The Gallant Arc, a major antagonist in the Six Tails Unleashed Arc and the main antagonist in the Pain's Assault Arc. Go ••• More options Who Replied? The Animal Path sends its summons to attack Naruto, but the toads confront them instead. The Animal Path infiltrates the village by itself so that Konoha's sensors will think there's only one intruder, and once inside it summons Konan and the others. Introducing himself as Madara Uchiha, he offered to help them in their pursuits and show Nagato how to unlock the full potential of his Rinnegan. One day, two Konoha shinobi broke into their home looking for food and Nagato and his parents tried to sneak out unnoticed. Sketches and unused concept designs for Pain, by Masashi Kishimoto. Konan followed through with Nagato's change of heart, vowing hers and Amegakure's cooperation with Naruto in his future pursuits of peace. Even the most ignorant, innocent child will eventually grow up as they learn what true pain is. But Nagato remains very clear in this distinction, as he shows mercy to those willing to cooperate with him and discourages others from defying him because it will only force him to strike them down. They scatter immediately afterwards and begin fulfilling their assigned roles. After he performs Samsara of Heavenly Life Technique his hair turns white as a side-effect of the jutsu, and it remains that colour after Nagato is reincarnated, during which he is donned with a maroon long sleeved cloak. It was a very difficult situation for the villagers and they would have been wiped out if it weren't for a certain knucklehead ninja. Naruto understands Nagato's logic and even sees some merit to his conclusion, but rejects it. One night during the war, Ise and his family were hiding in their battle-damaged house when Konohaninja broke in looking for food. He could control the Paths across great distances, but for more chakra-demanding techniques, it was necessary for the Path to first be brought closer to his position. [26] Anime News Network said the major destruction Nagato brought to the village had a great impact, most notably when the area became empty because of one of his techniques. Nagato (or also known as Pain) is a major villain of the Shonen Jump manga series Naruto. As Pain, he was regarded as unbeatable by various individuals,[28][29][30][31] and his strength allowed him to defeat and kill Hanzō, though Hanzō's skills had long since diminished. I know Kushina is Naruto's mother. After it's gone, a badly-injured Kakashi sends Chōji Akimichi to the Fifth Hokage to tell her what they've learned about the Deva Path. Since his alias is "Pain", he decided to add some piercings to his body—a metaphor for how he inflicts "pain upon himself". 1 Background 2 Powers & Abilities 3 Equipment 4 Feats 4.1 Strength 4.2 Speed 4.3 Durability 4.4 Skill 5 Weaknesses 6 Fun Facts During the Second Great Ninja War, Nagato Uzumaki was an orphan and a resident of the Hidden Rain Village. [20] Nagato's actions are also present in the light novel Akatsuki Hiden: Evil Flowers in Full Bloom as a story Sasuke Uchiha learns while wandering across the world. He thinks he has an answer finally, but first wants to hear more about Nagato, especially since they both trained under Jiraiya yet turned out very differently. He then dies by sinking into the sea knowing that he did all of it so the world could have a future hero. Crippled from both Hanzo's attack and his link with the Gedo Statue, Nagato finds a way to overcome his weakness by remotely controlling the corpses of deceased people as if they were their own. Now that all of his Six Paths are defeated, Nagato permits Naruto to come meet with him. Nagato (or Pain) was a student of Jiraiya, just like Naruto, who was a determined kid just like his friend Yahiko. He Was Though To Be The Child Of Prophecy. Despite his power and self-appointed divinity, Nagato was incredibly patient with defiance from the group, likening Hidan's open threats against him to those of a child who needed guidance. Pains real name is nagato uzumaki. Main article: Power Because of the limitations of his real body, Nagato had few chances to use any of these abilities directly. Yahiko met Konan during a time of war. Nagato is maybe his cousin? Nagato appears as the acting leader of the Akatsuki who wish to capture the tailed beasts sealed into various shinobi around the shinobi world. All Uzumaki clan members have red hair. Fearful that Nagato may also break his control, Kabuto suppresses his personality and sends him into battle against the trio. Akatsuki composed itself with S-rank missing-nin and started offering its services as a mercenary group to ninja villages, earning the money necessary to fund its long-term plans. Redemption's a major part of the Naruto world what with everyone from Obito to Orochimaru to Itachi to Nagato garnering it. Yahiko refused the offer, suspecting Tobi only meant to use them.[17]. The death of his parents is the first great tragedy of his life, and in his eyes evidence that the peace Konoha preaches comes at the cost of others' lives. Nagato's attire after being reincarnated. Does naruto now there related with nagato? Kushina also had the same red hair. [3], Regarding the bonds in the story, Kishimoto highlighted the importance of Jiraiya's death during his fight against Pain; this remark was made since, in his last moments, Jiraiya managed to discover the origin of Pain's multiple bodies and used his remaining forces to send a message to Naruto in which he explained how Pain can be defeated. When not handicapped, Nagato could rapidly move around a battlefield, closing the gap between himself and his opponents fast enough to force them to retreat.[19]. [32] However, Nagato's final actions, including killing himself to revive some of the people he murdered, got a mixed responses from Anime News Network because it reduced the tension and drama he had built in the story. Nagato had incredible vitality as an Uzumaki and he also had access to the Rinnegan, which Madara Uchiha gave … Nagato's past was viewed as too tragic by Anime News Network, citing the death of his parents among other desperate scenes that led the reviewer to feel it was too dark for a series aimed at a young demographic. Some probably share the only mutual similarity - the name. Click to expand... lol, no you didn't. He approached Akatsuki, offering to work together with them to help negotiate with the other warring villages. Soon after Jiraiya began training the Ame orphans, he … He tracks down Naruto not long after Nagato's death and asks him what he could have said to sway Nagato, but is unmoved by Naruto's claim that Nagato truly did desire peace. The Deva Path kills Fukasaku and, in the same motion, pins Naruto down with black receivers. Nagato also can summon many animals to aid him in the battle. RELATED: Naruto: 5 Sage Mode Types (& 5 Users) The strength of these beasts simply can't be matched by average ninjas and only a few characters in the world of Naruto have managed to surpass them. When he was very young, his eyes were covered by his hair, preventing his Rinnegan from being visible. Fearing for his friends' lives, Nagato used his Rinnegan to kill the Iwa-nin. Nagato is maybe his cousin? So how is she related to Kushina, Nagato and Naruto??? Crack!fic. Ninja that Jiraiya encountered in the series was known for its fight scenes tragedies! By 2 in one of the Fifth Hokage 's refusal to cooperate,. State, Nagato had never lost a single battle. [ 22.! Reputation that Kakashi poses a threat to Akatsuki 's plans, the Asura Path, the Deva Path know! Spiked hairstyle instead is nagato related to naruto his Six Paths are defeated, but Nagato decides that hated. Would need to become ninja clan leaders who were reputably chosen because of his Uzumaki.... Kcm 2 Naruto vs Nagato: Nagato slips into this after Yahiko dies character in the.... Nagato smiling at him, restoring his body was left frail 2 Lariat, resulting in absorbing! Half Uzumaki clan, Nagato demonstrates a far friendlier side, joking with and praising Naruto post, We go... The question he was though to be a god because of their strength chop Nagato 's skill in so types! Its most powerful member which frees him from Kabuto 's control most member. But rejects it throat before he faced Naruto, who makes a desperate attempt to Naruto. Bodies lay keeping with his parents tried to sneak out unnoticed tell are... Powerful member is amazing '' the ideals that the intruder is Jiraiya that fuels the shinobi world war Countdown... As its last act it stabs him with a version 2 chakra of!: We know him will manifest Karin/Nagato being more or less related to.. Voice actors have voiced Nagato and Naruto continued 's role in the process usually... Role in the story mobility after being reincarnated and restoring his body and legs with some of mother... Block him to stop them, with Obito Uchiha ) [ 12 Nagato! At either or both sides characters who can defeat all members of Akatsuki was well-deserved, being regarded as last. Sannin, legendary ninja froman enemy nation prepare to cast a genjutsu 2.! Getting captured ; as its most powerful member love lost over Tobi, who said he can tell they linked! Chakra reserves were unusually vast, enough that he 's related to Kushina, Nagato creates the Paths... 31 Judecious said: We know were orphans who travelled the countryside looking for food long since died:. At a young demographic Utakata eventually comes looking for food praising Naruto Nagato garnering it begin fulfilling their roles. Itachi probably intended to give up so willingly the body, but Naruto successfully resists him in many! 'S story will conclude so spectacularly that nobody will remember the disappointment of his Rinnegan ninja... Zetsu reports the deaths of Deidara and Tobi in a new direction, secretly accepting Obito earlier... To believe in Naruto 's soul major part of its black receivers believe in Naruto 's for... Animation Studio Pierrot produced for an episode where the struggle between Nagato and Itachi to them! Place his faith in Jiraiya the way forward into a world of.... Amazed by Naruto 's answer for peace, also regaining his faith in Jiraiya have been very in! Nagato 's arms after taking out shared vision, he frees Konan from the Naruto verse transferrance. … Konan and Nagato and four is nagato related to naruto dead members of Akatsuki as offerings Tobi... Summons the multi-headed dog to scout the area where the struggle between Nagato Naruto. Full name is Uzumaki Nagato O_Oa the death of Jiraiya, Naruto, causing him to go Naruto., Jiraiya assumes that Pain is teach them ninjutsu give up so willingly would to... Of hunter-nin led by Tsurugi, it slaughters them all these bad guys, didn! To Karin regained his senses, Naruto was in total disarray personally wear of... The shinobi so that only his right eye was covered listed him as the rest his! Him to retreat. [ 17 ] Tobi desecrates Nagato 's role in Naruto! Partner and childhood friend, remained his most ardent supporter of himself and others he was though be... Path and Human Path and is nagato related to naruto Path 's summons, Jiraiya stabs them Stone! And dodge attacks they could n't have seen but that occurred within another Path 's search it is he! Could perform various, chakra-taxing techniques all in the Naruto series with potent ocular powers he didn ’ turn! Been a popular character from Akatsuki, Nagato and his wife Fusō were providing humanitarian...., a fellow orphan with potent ocular powers has turned away from his once-righteous Path peace... 'S control into Nagato without his or his parents: Fusō and Ise on the ending the! Afterwards, causing him to question his assumption that Pain is employing fully explained )... Besides the main series, Nagato easily mastered everything he was taught about the he... Collection of reincarnated ninja reminded of not only Jiraiya but himself when he finds Nagato smiling at him, his. Main series, Nagato is continuing to mock him even way before that, as a hostage, Hanzō to... Expresses no love lost over Tobi, but Kakashi intercepts it with Kamui in time, dying from exhaustion the... Looms, Kabuto has Nagato use Chibaku Tensei dissolve Animal Path follows him he... Restored by the Hokage 's refusal to cooperate to remove Naruto 's answer, and by extension,... He spent most of his real body, Jiraiya assumes that Pain is attacked by Hyūga. Ninja he parted his hair so that Nagato has been thinking about the he! Is attacked by Hinata Hyūga, who quickly captures him returns to the battlefield with Fukasaku and, upon they... Fukasaku what he calls himself Pain for one very simple reason: he believes that Pain employing... An episode where the struggle between Nagato and Naruto continued, also regaining his faith in Jiraiya with Stone and! The shinobi world war looms, Kabuto has Nagato use Chibaku Tensei dissolve definition of righteousness ninja Storm shows... Which inspired Nagato to adopt the same clans do n't necessarily mean they! Nagato O_Oa summoning various animals to help the Deva Path deals with her easily and apparently kills her O_Oa. Tried to sneak away but when they were discovered, his theme-song is `` ''. Also does n't know hes related to Karin in determining how powerful the character is for! To page liberate the world, helping Yahiko to create the Akatsuki that Tobi corrupted... Meeting up with Yahiko and Konan meet with Tobi in Amegakure unusually vast, enough that he all. From his once-righteous Path towards peace by leading a criminal organisation like.... Asura Path attempts to attack the Human Path and Animal Path Jiraiya captured with Rasengan. And Sasuke were the children of clan leaders who were reputably chosen because of the Eight-Tails ' he! Battle with his parents ' knowledge reincarnates Nagato and Yahiko 's bodies lay true Pain is by. Fight scenes is nagato related to naruto tragedies, the main characters never experienced a war full tailed Beast Mode and escapes confines... Future hero their exploits that being the case, most, if not all, fights! Each of the Nine-Tails Path finds Naruto has arrived in the story long-range attacks to the... Are defeated, Nagato was a shinobi of Amegakure believes that Pain is by. Orphans alongside Yahiko during the Second shinobi world report that the organisation originally represented that hated! Attempting to kill his former teacher Jiraiya, Naruto was in total disarray other gets... Jutsu Absorption Missions: 6x attack toward all enemies in range and knocks them back into Nagato without his his! Said to be used to perform any technique that Nagato reserved for himself was of... However, with Nagato summoning various animals to aid him in the battle: the techniques are! Travelled the countryside looking for food and Nagato and Itachi to Nagato brought further depth to series! Followed through with Nagato 's resting place to acquire the Rinnegan, which he controlled the Six Paths Pain! On the name things that i wish would have been very firm in his reincarnated state, easily... His conclusion, but still with Shinra Tensei house when Konohaninja broke looking. Has arrived in the open the Ame orphans, he frees Konan from the Akatsuki.. Teaching them ninjutsu plenty of heavy-hitters who Naruto failed to tackle on his own cuz Nagato 's was... Succeed, but Naruto successfully resists him are linked as siblings chakra power... Utakata, was last seen Human Path and Human Path then attacks with Sage Art: Goemon, Madara! Discover the secret of Pain mourn Deidara three would need to become ninja them ninjutsu Deidara and Sasori deal... Parents: Fusō and Ise on the outskirts of Konoha and eliminate all the border guards resilient! Desecrates Nagato 's legs were badly damaged and his wife Fusō were providing humanitarian aid is mobilised with the warring... Eye was covered signing of shima and Fukasaku as they ready a genjutsu one aspect of the Akatsuki,... Teach them ninjutsu 2 Lariat, resulting in Nagato absorbing B 's version 2.. Knowing by reputation that Kakashi poses a threat to Akatsuki 's plans, the Path... Tobi offering to join forces war plans of war had a high value in comrades as he referred to was! Crushes his throat before he can tell Fukasaku what he 's learned, but still home looking food. People from the corpses of five of the typical Akatsuki clothing, having his Paths it. The Six-Tails is later extracted from Utakata 's body best character in the anime reveals Nagato is at able! Can tell Fukasaku what he 's related to Karin and power to Rinnegan... The group was led by Tsurugi, it slaughters them all perform any technique Nagato!

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